mount hope church corunna leadership

Senior Pastors


Marvin Elford Jr. and his wife Pam Elford have been Pastoring Mount Hope Church Corunna since 2013.  They have two children named, Shealbea and Chance who serves in the Media Department at MHCC.  They have two grandchildren, Evelyn and Charlotte, from Shealbea and their son-in-law, Ken.

Worship Leader


Leah Evans has been leading Worship at MHCC services since 2015.  She also serves as MHCC social media head as she takes an active role in MHCC Facebook Page.  Leah is married to Eric Evans and has 5 children, Michael, Chloe, Brin, Eddy and Hannah.  They also have one grandchild named, Ava.  

Children's Teacher


Brin Evans is passionate about children and has been serving as MHCC head Children's Teacher since 2017 and plans to take further her education on ministering to children in the future.

Head Usher


Al Hasyn has been ushering at MHCC since 2015 and was installed as Head Usher in 2018.  He is married to, Tina Hasyn, and has one son, named Alex.  



Sheryl Parker has been serving at MHCC since 2014.   She is MHCC treasurer and signs alongside Pastor Marvin Eflord Jr. during Sunday morning services.

Sound Head


Chance Owen Elford has been serving within the music media department since 2013.